Titanic Golf Club stone wall

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Titanic Golf Club map the river

The River

The thrilling course of the River prevailing the peaks of mountains and the magnificent view of the river presents a pleasing and difficult golfing experience.

Overseeding dates: 18.09.2017–30.09.2017

(Opening date of the Course: 01.10.2017)

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Titanic Golf Club the mediterranean

The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Golf Course presents a comfortable environment for golf lovers in Belek region with its extraordinary and magnificent Mediterranean view and its location on seaside. The deep blue of Mediterranean which will accompany you during your game at the Mediterranean will become an indispensable experience for you.

Overseeding dates: 01.10.2017 –13.10.2017

(Opening date of the Course: 14.10.2017)

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Titanic Golf Club the forest

The Forest

The Forest inside pine forest is one of the favorite golf courses of golf lovers.  Enjoy golf with very green grass laying through the extraordinary nature of the Taurus Mountains and the warm and silky weather of the Mediterranean.

Overseeding dates:  14.10.2017–26.10.2017

(Opening date of the Course: 27.10.2017)

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